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Joseph Conrad

1857-1924. British novelist.

Books by Joseph Conrad

I have wrestled with death. It is the most unexciting contest you can imagine. It takes place in an impalpable grayness, with nothing underfoot, with nothing around, without spectators, without clamor, without glory, without the great desire of victory, without the great fear of defeat.

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Facing it, always facing it, that's the way to get through. Face it.

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I don't like work... but I like what is in work -- the chance to find yourself. Your own reality -- for yourself, not for others -- which no other man can ever know.

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He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.

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The scrupulous and the just, the noble, humane, and devoted natures; the unselfish and the intelligent may begin a movement -- but it passes away from them. They are not the leaders of a revolution. They are its victims.

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A word carries far -- very far -- deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space.

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They talk of a man betraying his country, his friends, his sweetheart. There must be a moral bond first. All a man can betray is his conscience.

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Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys.

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A man is a worker. If he is not that he is nothing.

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To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every human being in our beclouded and tempestuous existence.

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