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John Locke

1632-1704. English philosopher.

Books by John Locke

We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.

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Fashion for the most part is nothing but the ostentation of riches.

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There cannot be greater rudeness than to interrupt another in the current of his discourse.

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Government has no other end, but the preservation of property.

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I attribute the little I know to my not having been ashamed to ask for information, and to my rule of conversing with all descriptions of men on those topics that form their own peculiar professions and pursuits.

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A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this World: he that has these two, has little more to wish for; and he that wants either of them, will be little the better for anything else.

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Logic is the anatomy of thought.

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Till a man can judge whether they be truths or not, his understanding is but little improved, and thus men of much reading, though greatly learned, but may be little knowing.

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To give a man full knowledge of morality, I would send him to no other book than the New Testament.

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Good and evil, reward and punishment, are the only motives to a rational creature: these are the spur and reins whereby all mankind are set on work, and guided.

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