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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

1807-1882. U.S. poet.

Books by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well has it been said that there is no grief like the grief which does not speak.

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Fame comes only when deserved, and then is as inevitable as destiny, for it is destiny.

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Yes, we must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship. Let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest!

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Trouble is the next best thing to enjoyment. There is no fate in the world so horrible as to have no share in either its joys or sorrows.

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In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer.

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One half the world must sweat and groan that the other half may dream.

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Doubtless criticism was originally benignant, pointing out the beauties of a work rather that its defects. The passions of men have made it malignant, as a bad heart of Procreates turned the bed, the symbol of repose, into an instrument of torture.

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Critics are sentinels in the grand army of letters, stationed at the corners of newspapers and reviews, to challenge every new author.

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There is not grief that does not speak.

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And the night shall be filled with music, and the cares, that infest the day, shall fold their tents, like the Arabs, and as silently steal away.

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