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1533-1592. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. French philosopher and essayist.

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The great and glorious masterpiece of man is how to live with purpose.

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I conceive that pleasures are to be avoided if greater pains be the consequence, and pains to be coveted that will terminate in greater pleasures.

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There is no course of life so weak and Scottish as that which is ordered by orders, method, and discipline.

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It is easier to write an indifferent poem than to understand a good one.

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Experience has taught me this, that we undo ourselves by impatience. Misfortunes have their life and their limits, their sickness and their health.

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A wise man sees as much as he ought, not as much as he can.

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Once you have decided to keep a certain pile, it is no longer yours; for you can't spend it.

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It happens as one sees in cages: the birds who are outside despair of ever getting in, and those within are equally desirous of getting out

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Have you known how to take rest? You have done more than he who hath taken empires and cities.

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I have never seen a greater monster or miracle than myself.

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