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Henry David Thoreau

1817-1862. American naturalist, poet and philosopher, author of "Walden" and "Civil Disobedience".

Books by Henry David Thoreau

Be not simply good; be good for something.

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Many men go fishing their entire lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.

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Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. Let them be your only diet drink and botanical medicines.

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There is no more fatal blunderer than he who consumes the greater part of his life getting his living.

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Only the traveling is good which reveals to me the value of home and enables me to enjoy it better.

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Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

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Between whom there is hearty truth, there is love.

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The savage in man is never quite eradicated.

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How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

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