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Thomas Carlyle

1795-1881. British historian and essayist.

Books by Thomas Carlyle

Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies at hand.

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There is often more spiritual force in a proverb than in whole philosophical systems.

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Even in the meanest sorts of labor, the whole soul of a man is composed into a kind of real harmony the instant he sets himself to work.

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Worship is transcendent wonder.

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Our works are the mirror wherein the spirit first sees its natural lineaments, Hence, too, the folly of that impossible precept, Know thyself; till it be translated into this partially possible one, know what thou canst work at.

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Every noble work is at first impossible.

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The greatest event for the world is the arrival of a new and wise person.

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Great men are the commissioned guides of mankind, who rule their fellows because they are wiser.

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Wonder is the basis of worship.

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Variety is the condition of harmony.

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