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The universe, as far as we can observe it, is a wonderful and immense engine.

George Santayana (1863-1952) American philosopher and poet.

It's only during an eclipse that the Man in the Moon has a place in the sun.

Unknown Source

The question is not so much whether there is life on Mars as whether it will continue to be possible to live on Earth.

Unknown Source

Our passionate preoccupation with the sky, the stars, and a God somewhere in outer space is a homing impulse. We are drawn back to where we came from.

Eric Hoffer (1902-1983) American philosopher and author.

Space is the stature of God.

Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) French moralist.

No matter how vast, how total, the failure of man here on earth, the work of man will be resumed elsewhere. War leaders talk of resuming operations on this front and that, but man's front embraces the whole universe.

Henry Miller (1891-1980) American author.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) French mathematician, physicist and philosopher.