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If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month.

Unknown Source

There is luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel no one else has a right to blame us.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish poet and dramatist.

There's man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet.

Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) Irish writer, dramatist and poet,

There can be no doubt that the average man blames much more than he praises. His instinct is to blame. If he is satisfied he says nothing; if he is not, he most illogically kicks up a row.

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) English novelist .

They have a right to censure that have a heart to help.

William Penn (1644-1718) British religious leader.


To find a fault is easy; to do better may be difficult.

Plutarch (46-120) Greek essayist, and biographer.

Neither blame or praise yourself.


The first mistake are theirs who commit them, the second are theirs that permit them.


Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

Chinese proverb

Draw the curtain, the fraud is over.

François Rabelais (1495-1553) French writer and priest.