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I may not here omit those two main plagues, and common dotages of human kind, wine and women, which have infatuated and besotted myriads of people. They go commonly together.

Robert Burton (1577-1640) English scholar.

It is a maudlin and indecent verity that comes out through the strength of wine.

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) British novelist.

This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don't want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.

Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961) American Writer.

Wine makes a man better pleased with himself. I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others... This is one of the disadvantages of wine, it makes a man mistake words for thoughts.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author.

Wine gives a man nothing. It neither gives him knowledge nor wit; it only animates a man, and enables him to bring out what a dread of the company has repressed. It only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author.

Water for oxen, wine for kings.

Spanish proverb