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We are all hungry and thirsty for concrete images. Abstract art will have been good for one thing: to restore its exact virginity to figurative art.

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) Spanish surrealist painter.

The reign of imagagology begins where history ends.

Milan Kundera (1929-?) Czech writer.

Logicians may reason about abstractions. But the great mass of men must have images. The strong tendency of the multitude in all ages and nations to idolatry can be explained on no other principle.

Thomas B. Macaulay (1800-1859) English politician, essayist and poet.

We operate with nothing but things which do not exist, with lines, planes, bodies, atoms, divisible time, divisible space -- how should explanation even be possible when we first make everything into an image, into our own image!

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) German-Swiss philosopher and writer.

The Image is more than an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972) American poet, critic and intellectual.

Industrial societies turn their citizens into image-junkies; it is the most irresistible form of mental pollution. Poignant longings for beauty, for an end to probing below the surface, for a redemption and celebration of the body of the world. Ultimately, having an experience becomes identical with taking a photograph of it.

Susan Sontag (1933-2004) American author.

Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?

Andy Warhol (1930-1987) American artist and filmmaker.