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It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) 26th president of the U.S.

Take not from the mouth of labor the bread it as earned.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Third president of the United States.

Excellence in any department can be attained only by the labor of a lifetime; it is not to be purchased at a lesser price.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author.

Labor, if it were not necessary for existence, would be indispensable for the happiness of man.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author.

Even in the meanest sorts of labor, the whole soul of a man is composed into a kind of real harmony the instant he sets himself to work.

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) British historian and essayist.


I tell you, sir, the only safeguard of order and discipline in the modern world is a standardized worker with interchangeable parts. That would solve the entire problem of management.

Jean Giraudoux (1882-1944) French novelist, essayist, and playwright.

Life gives nothing to man without labor.

Horace (BC 65-8) Latin lyric poet.

Every man is dishonest who lives upon the labor of others, no matter if he occupies a throne.

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) American politician and orator.

He that hath a trade hath an estate; he that hath a calling hath an office of profit and honor.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American statesman, scientist and philosopher.

Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.

Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) French moralist.