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When a man says that he approves something in principal, it means he hasn't the slightest intention of putting it in practice.

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) Prussian German statesman and aristocrat.

Grant graciously what you cannot refuse safely and conciliate those you cannot conquer.

Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832) British clergyman, sportsman and author.

A grievance is most poignant when almost redressed.

Eric Hoffer (1902-1983) American philosopher and author.

Buying is cheaper than asking.

German proverb

A miser and a liar bargain quickly.

Greek proverb

We were not born to sue, but to command.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) British poet and playwright.

Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree.

Dean Acheson (1893-1971) American statesman and lawyer.