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First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst.

Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) American writer.

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.

Wayne Dyer (1940-?) American psychotherapist, author and lecturer.

Unless you have prepared yourself to profit by your chance, the opportunity will only make you ridiculous. A great occasion is valuable to you just in proportion as you have educated yourself to make use of it.

Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) American author and founder of Success magazine.

In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared minds.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) French scientist.

Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) French scientist.


Shape your heart to front the hour, but dream not that the hours will last.

Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) British poet.

Look for the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes.

Unknown Source

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement.

Unknown Source

For the want of a nail, the shoe was lose; for the want of a shoe the horse was lose; and for the want of a horse the rider was lost, being overtaken and slain by the enemy, all for the want of care about a horseshoe nail.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American statesman, scientist and philosopher.

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Politician. President of the United States.